Fahma Mohammed
Media Strategist
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Eugene Generals


CLIENT: Eugene Generals (Teir III hockey team a part of the Northern Hockey League).

INSIGHTS: The Generals needs to reach people looking for experience.

OBJECTIVE: Increase brand awareness and community involvement with the Eugene Generals.

AUDIENCE: Families, teenagers and alternatives. 
1. Families - they have children ages 14 and under. They are looking for something that is fun, exciting and affordable to do. They know nothing about the hockey experience. 
2. Teenagers - they respond to independence and entrepreneurialism. They like products and messages that reflect reality that is not perfect. They look for authentic and genuine two-way online conversations. 
3. Alternative - they believe that small actions can make a big difference. These are the people who bring their own bags to the grocery store. They are spontaneous and resilient. They gage their happiness from experience, moments and memories. 

OPPORTUNITY/IDEA: Show individuals that they are a part of the larger community outside of themselves. Generate veracity, humility and passion. Utilize surrounding developed and renovated area. 

MEDIA: The media plan separately reaches each of our audience groups in strategic ways. The eight-month media campaign timeline is built both during and around the hockey season with consideration to receptivity and accessibility. 

Account Management: Hannah Elliot
Strategy: Harley Garner, Hannah Elliot, Ben Salaman, Alisa O’Neal
Media Plan: Yours truly
Copy: Ryan Hrbek, Spencer Tanner
Design: Lisa DonatoHarley Garner

I got the opportunity to work with Allen Hall Advertising, a student run advertising agency within the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communication.