Fahma Mohammed
Media Strategist
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The Grind



OBJECTIVE: Nike wants to break into the yoga market, but how can a brand that is authentic to sport and fitness break into a market that is inauthentic to who you they are? 

1. 77% of our survey respondents do not see Nike as a yoga brand. 
2. 100% of our focus group participants actively participated alongside doing yoga. 
3. 69% of our survey respondents would purchase Nike yoga products if Nike explicitly stated that they sold yoga products. 

OPPORTUNITY: Connect an activity that is inauthentic to Nike's core structure that stays true to the brands beliefs. 

AUDIENCE: Your driven team player, who is passionate about her sport of choice. 

IDEA: A digital, social and retail ad campaign that allows your driven team player to resonate with Nike fitness yoga and align it with her desired athletic pursuits. 


Strategy: Yours truly
Creative Strategy: Macaihah Broussard
Design: Jacob Hill, Stephanie Hastings, Grant Susman
Videography: Thuc Vinh