Fahma Mohammed
Media Strategist
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Speed Stick


CLIENT: Speed Stick (a deodorant and antiperspirant that is owned by Colgate-Palmolive. Deodorant comes in stick form). 

OBJECTIVE: Raise brand awareness and give Speed Stick a new, more developed look. 

AUDIENCE: On paper we are targeting millennial's and below, but we are looking at explorers and adventurers; those who are not afraid of change and like to take risks. 

OPPORTUNITY: Create a new brand voice and image for Speed Stick that is unlike anything they have ever done before. Spark curiosity and bring out our audiences inner explorer by using outer space, a universe that is never ending. 

IDEA: Deliver a new line of Speed Stick scents based on NASA Space missions. Each individual scent will be named after NASA missions and its color will coordinate with the color used on that specific mission. Completely redesigning the Speed Stick deodorant brand. 

Strategy: Yours truly, Jacob Mehringer, Claire Chong
Creative: Jacob Mehringer, Claire Chong